A comparison of martin luther king jr and malcolm xs views on racial discrimination

Over the introduction of three lessons the ideas will compare and make the different philosophies and offices espoused by the overarching right leaders Dr.

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Intuition 3 Overview Dr.

How did the civil rights movement affect public schools?

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Class discussion. Materials "Nonviolence: Paying Dr. Start studying Civil Rights Movement Extra Info - Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

nonviolent tactics used by Indian nationalist Mahatma Gandhi inspired Martin Luther King Jr. Briefly explain the views of Malcolm X and how they differed from that of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Mar 24,  · Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are two people on different ends of the scales, with totally different up-bringings.

* King was brought up by a rich black family,with a good education, and a good chance at life. He was a black aristocrat, and a wealthy man. * Malcolm X was brought up in the 'ghetto', and had to learn to defend himself against racist white children.

They both had the same message of injustice, and fair treatment, but the message and result they intended were far different.

and the family was split up. He was haunted by this early nightmare for most of his life. He was driven by hatred and desire for revenge. Education. The change in Malcolm Xs perception of racial discrimination throughout his life There have been several famous leaders of black people movement throughout American history.

And two of them are widely known for their devotion to the movement: Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Martin Luther King & Malcolm X on Violence and Integration Martin was spared exposure to the pains of racial discrimination.

He sang in the church choir at the age of four, skipped two years of high school, enrolled in an all-black college when he 17 Martin Luther King, Jr. Stride Toward Freedom, New York: Harper and Row,p.

Today, Monday, 19 January, is a national holiday in my country to recognize the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. toward making our society more just and united. He was the most prominent human rights leader in the United States from the mids until his assassination in His career focused on ending the.

A comparison of martin luther king jr and malcolm xs views on racial discrimination
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