A comparison of state secrecy and the publics interest

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Despite the vagueness of the term, public interest is claimed generally by governments in matters of state secrecy and confidentiality. It is approximated by comparing expected gains and potential costs or losses associated with a decision, policy, program, or project.

Introduction — American Caligula

Ateş Altinordu Sabanci University, Istanbul. Ateş Altinordu is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Sabancı University, Istanbul. His work focuses on religion and politics, secularization and secularism, science and society, and the cultural analysis of contemporary Turkish politics.

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2 Nuclear energy risk perceptions. There was "initial secrecy and confusion about the accident" and "the people living in the affected areas learned about the event mainly from hearsay rather than from authoritative Minister of State for Energy, stated clearly that "there is an important role for new nuclear in our [energy] mix going.

The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) are the primary financial regulators. Notwithstanding the absence of stand-alone AML legislation, the SBP and SECP, have independently established AML units to enhance their oversight of the financial sector.

Third, America’s foreign-policy establishment — to include the usual government bureaucracies, interest groups, think tanks, schools of public policy, charitable foundations, and a lot of the.

A comparison of state secrecy and the publics interest
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