A comparison of the movies inception and memento

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Christopher Nolan vs David Fincher. Who's the better director?

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Unlike a lot of summer movies, where you walk out discussing if they were "sorta OK" or "sorta terrible," Inception was bold and imaginative, blending big-idea concepts about regret and guilt into. Memento Adaptation Comparison.

Uploaded by Deena Mcgee. A compare and contrast of the Film Memento to its source Memento Mori. This essay lays out the differences and similarities between the the film and the source it was adapted from. Save. Memento Adaptation Comparison. For Later. Inception at times feels like a pure heist movie in the vein of Ocean’s Eleven, or with an espionage twist à la Mission: Impossible.

The shoot-out on the streets of Yusuf’s (Dileep Rao) dream is highly reminiscent of Heat (unsurprising given Nolan’s openness about sighting Michael Mann as. Ranking Christopher Nolan's filmography is a daunting task: the conspicuous absence of any genuinely bad movies means that you're grading on a much narrower scale than would be the case with many.

Christopher Nolan’s debut feature, Following, is an intriguing mix of narrative trickery, ponderous psychology, and borderline-hallucinatory chiaroscuro imagery.

Inception vs. Memento

Jeremy Theobald, credited as “the young man,” is a struggling writer who likes to follow people for creative inspiration, yet this mostly harmless behavior turns into something.

Here is a graph I created to illustrate the running times of Christopher Nolan‘s complete filmography, including Following, Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight.

A comparison of the movies inception and memento
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