A discussion on the issue f rare earth trading between japan and china

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Did China really ban rare earth metals exports to Japan?

Flame Problems viewing this page?. • Measure at issue: Export restrictions on a number of rare earths, tungsten, and molybdenum.

Did China really ban rare earth metals exports to Japan?

The export restrictions comprised export duties, export quotas, and certain limitations on the enterprises permitted to export the products. Aug 18,  · The price of one major rare earth compound, cerium oxide, went from US$/kg in April to US$36/kg in October.

There are two important issues raised by China’s apparent ban of rare earth exports to Japan. "Unequivocally the illegal mining of rare earths in China is the biggest issue facing the industry." The carbon footprint in China’s sprawling rare earths sector is likely to grow, along with the contamination of water sources with toxins and other environmental damage.

China’s rare earth policies have raised concerns among many in Congress because rare earths are important to a number of U.S. industries, including high technology (such as advanced electronics and medical equipment) and green technology (such as hybrid cars and wind turbines).

China’s six major suppliers’ decision to stockpile on 5, tons of nine types of rare earth metals this year, and government’s plans to create a separate national reserve by buying 15, Sep 23,  · Escalating a dispute over Japan’s detention of a Chinese fishing trawler captain, China halted exports to Japan of some crucial rare earth elements.

A discussion on the issue f rare earth trading between japan and china
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