Abo blood typing system and antigenicity of red blood cells and blood donation

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Human blood group systems

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ABO blood group system

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Blood type

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The structure and address of the molecules that particular human red pepper cell and platelet antigens. Universals donors of the ABO blood type system are the individuals of the type O. Type O blood does not have A or B antigen in its red blood cells and can be donated to individuals of any ABO type.

Universal recipients of the ABO blood type system are the individuals of type AB. The ABO blood group system is a classification system for blood that depends on the presence or absence of an A or B antigen on the red blood cells.

ABO blood groups are determined by the types. Mar 11,  · The Rarest Blood Type in the ABO Blood System. Updated on December 28, Edmund Custers. more. You can say that among the ABO types, AB- is the rarest blood type in humans. The Basics of Blood and Blood Typing.

by Leah Kennedy-Jangraw 0. Medical jkaireland.coms: An immune response occurs when antibodies, which are proteins in your immune system, are summoned to attack an antigen. These surface antigens can be attached to the surface of your blood cells (more specifically to the plasma membrane surrounding the cells) or to proteins or lipids anywhere in your body.

In pregnancy, the risk of the mother's immune system attacking the foreign antigens present on her fetus' red blood cells is prevented by giving the mother antibodies to cover fetal red blood cell antigens and removing them from the mother's circulation before her immune cells find them (see Chapter 4).

Blood typing detects the presence or absence of these antigens to determine a person's ABO blood group and Rh type. People whose red blood cells have A antigens are in blood group A, those with B antigens are group B, those with both A and B antigens are in group AB, and those who do not have either of these markers are in blood group O.

Abo blood typing system and antigenicity of red blood cells and blood donation
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