Certainty and flexibility in judicial precedent

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The Prospective and Retrospective Effect of Judicial Decisions in Ireland

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Do Judges Make Law

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Oct 24,  · Judicial Precedent Defined Judicial precedent means judges are required to follow the rule of law established in the previous decided cases of the court of equal status or higher, if the legal principle involved is the same and the facts are similar.

This is called “binding precedent” because it must be followed. The third-best precedent is an earlier decision by the district court which is considering your suit. This may be by the judge who is in charge of your suit or by a different judge from the same court. The objection of retrospectivity is that the judge can change the law only by applying to the decision of a case a law different from that in force at the time the legal process in that case was initiated.

"Stare Decisis in Singapore and jkaireland.comal Certainty and Creativity 97. Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements. Question. The doctrine of judicial precedent is essential to the English common law system. It provides certainty to uphold the rule of law and also flexibility to adapt to social changes.

Certainty and Flexibility in Judicial Precedent Words Oct 27th, 6 Pages It is often believed that the relationship between certainty and flexibility in judicial precedent has struck a fine line between being necessary and being precarious.

Certainty and flexibility in judicial precedent
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