Church and government

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Section: Church Government

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Church Government Briefly Considered

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Church Government Briefly Considered

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Ecclesiastical polity

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Ecclesiastical polity

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Church Government

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Government is sometimes viewed negatively, seen as something that inhibits one's freedom. However, government is a necessary element of human society which serves to establish and maintain order. Presbyterian, form of church government developed by Swiss and Rhineland Reformers during the 16th-century Protestant Reformation and used with variations by Reformed and Presbyterian churches throughout the world.

This form of church government, most often found in Baptist churches, usually maintains the presence and title of elders/pastors and deacons/trustees, but the power resides with the members of the congregation, who vote concerning yearly budgets, church programs, and leadership appointments.

Church government (or sometimes church polity) is that branch of ecclesiology (study of the church) that addresses the organizational structure and hierarchy of the church. There are basically three types of church government that have developed in the various Christian denominations: the episcopal, the presbyterian, and the congregational.

the right form of church government What is the right form of church government? The right form is the specific form that God wants them to be, at a certain point and time in its growth development and in its history, and a price for change may be needed to be on the move with God.

Church government (or sometimes church polity) is that branch of ecclesiology (study of the church) that addresses the organizational structure and hierarchy of the church. There are basically three types of church government that have developed in the various Christian denominations: the episcopal, the presbyterian, and the congregational.

Church and government
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