Comparison and contrast acting to lying

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Essay vs acting lying contrast compare

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Jun 07,  · Best Answer: The best commentary I have seen on this question was written by David Sedaris in his book "Naked". He wrote. Acting is different than posing or pretending. When done with precision, it bears a striking resemblance to lying. Stripped of the costumes and grand gestures, it presents itself as an unquestionable Resolved.

Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare/contrast essay Acting and lying are very different, but, by many people, can be confused. The most common words that confuse acting to lying is the phrase, “just kidding.”.

Compare and Contrast Acting vs. Lying

Jun 07,  · Acting is manipulation. Lying involves the act of fullblown deception. With acting, you are pretending, but you are not truly trying to deceive the audience at Status: Resolved. Both the arts of acting and lying are trying to convince their audience by leading them into a trap of words. Both are devious and are tactics to impress or convince someone that something is true.

An actor is a fantastic liar, while a liar is a fantastic actor.

Comparison and contrast acting to lying
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