Comparison of india and china architecture

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Comparison Of India And China Architecture

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Comparison of India and China Architecture Essay Words Nov 6th, 5 Pages One of the most enduring achievements of Indian civilization is undoubtedly its architecture, which extends to a great deal more than the Taj Mahal or the temple complexes of Khajuraho and Vijayanagara.

Emperors of the Sangoku, the "Three Kingdoms," of India, China, & Japan. India and China are the sources of the greatest civilizations in Eastern and Southern Asia. Their rulers saw themselves as universal monarchs, thereby matching the pretensions of the Roman Emperors in the West.

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This site uses cookies to provide you with a better experience. For information on our cookie policy, please visit. The architecture of India comes from its history, culture, and religion.

Indian architecture progressed with time and learned the many influences that came as a result of India's global discourse with other regions of the world. A GDP comparison of India and China China and India are the two giant’s economies of Asia, which are now.

Comparison of india and china architecture
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Comparison Of India And China Architecture Essays