Countertenors themes and essays

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Countertenor Technique: An Introduction to Concepts

* Based in the Dorian mode Homophonic/homophonic texture (multiple parts that move mostly in homorhytm, therefore creating a succession of chords) * The top line is an elaborated form of a Gregorian chant melody ie the top line is a cantus firmus.

Only men sang in church choirs, but women as well as men participated in singing madrigals, taking the uppermost parts of course; often some of the high middle voices, which we might call “alto”, were sung by male countertenors.

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This paper will explore the main factors that effected the eclipse of the countertenor voice through the use of personal journals, music criticism, newspapers and the music itself.

Muar 211 Study Guide

In English Restoration musical theater, countertenors routinely sang in substantial roles. Concert report essay – classical music report. Baroque Orchestra and McGill Capable Antic on Wednesday, February 19,at p. M. What special about this concert was the guest conductor and solo violinist Adrian Butterflies.

Countertenors themes and essays

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Countertenors themes and essays
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