Declarative language and procedural language

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Procedural programming

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Declarative language

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non-procedural language

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Procedural programming languages are also imperative languages, because they make explicit references to the state of the execution environment.

Learning & Teaching Foreign Languages

This could be anything from variables (which may correspond to processor registers) to something like the position of. The opposite of nonprocedural language then is procedural language, which focuses much more on individual processes needed when writing and programming code.

Many common types of programming languages are considered procedural language, including FORTRAN, C++. Tends to be in the procedural category, typically refers to languages that exhibit a hierarchy of types that inherit both methods and state from base types to derived types, but also kind of includes prototype-based languages like JavaScript.

First, a procedural language is a type of imperative language. That means that execution is based on statements. The alternative programming paradigm is declarative programming, in which execution is based on expressions.

Early imperative language. When we look at the declarative language (like Prolog) and procedural language (like C), we can see the distinction is critical.

The declarative programming try to blur the distinction between a program as a set of instructions and a program as an assertion about the desired answer, in other words.

Declarative language and procedural language
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