Faith and diplomacy

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Faith in Diplomacy

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For most of the twentieth century, the most critical concerns of national security have been balance of power politics and the global arms race. The attacks of September 11, and the motives behind them, however, demand a radical break with this tradition.

Faith Based Diplomacy-The Challenge to Development is not just another book on diplomacy. It is a book in its own class. Concisely written and imbued with pragmatism, it outlines a vision of hope to poverty-stricken people making a concerted effort to improve their John Chikago.

Throughout the world, billions of people rely on their faith to lift them above lives of hardship or the banality of arid secularism. For them, belief tr. Faith-based reconciliation is an alternative approach to traditional diplomacy and negotiating peacemaking, and it differs from those methods in that it is principally a spiritually based effort to.

Religion and foreign affairs Faith in diplomacy.

Faith Diplomacy's Importance Is Growing

The State Department's new point-person on religious matters. The faith factor can and should be a critical part of America's public diplomacy--and not a piece apart but integrally linked to the core question of how the "smart" new diplomacy needs to unfold.

President Obama has yet to put forth the specifics of his faith-based policies.

Faith and diplomacy
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