Inflation and functions of money essay

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Essay on Inflation: Types, Causes and Effects

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Functions of Money

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Quantity theory of money

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That will adversely affect the growth triangle of the economy. The Gothic Inflation of s was also Included:. “Money is a matter of functions four - a medium, a measure, a standard, a store.” Thus, money is a medium of exchange, a measure of value, a store of value, and a standard of deferred payments.

Medium of exchange: The most important function of money is that it acts as a medium of exchange. Money and its functions and characteristics Money as a measure of value Money as means of exchange Money as a means of accumulation and a store. The history of credit and banking goes back much further than the history of coins.

Nevertheless the story of the origins of money goes back even further still. The Global Financial System Is About To Shift: Part I October 13 | From: TheMindUnleashed Behind all the chatter of who will be the United States’ next President, there is something much larger playing out.

Hillary Destroys Syria, Blames Russia

Classical and Keynesian Economic Explanations for Unemployment Michael Griffiths Economics | Prof. Roy Rotheim Skidmore College Introduction 2 Unemployment is a key measure of economic health.

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Inflation and functions of money essay
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