Labour reforms in brazil and chile

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Populist politics to shape labour laws across LatAm, say panelists

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Chile Labor Market Reform

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Labour markets, human capital and inequality

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Miracle of Chile

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After two years of sharp recession, the economy rebounded inwith GDP growing by 1% year-on-year (YOY) in Agriculture climbed by 13% YOY thanks to favourable weather conditions that contributed to a record harvest.

Growth has become positive again in services activities (+% in ), as well as in the industry. On the demand. Understanding Brazil’s Labor Reform 19 September The labor reform proposed by the Brazilian federal government was sanctioned by President Michel Temer back in July.

Understanding Brazil’s Labor Reform

In comparison, the average in France is 60, lawsuits a year; in Chile there are 40, and in Japan, 10, lawsuits a year. In a nutshell. 2 LABOUR REFORM IN CHILE: NECESSARY, BUT IS THIS THE BEST TIME?

1. INTRODUCTION Pursuing the line of the Government programme, at the end of The summary appears in the first volume, entitled Growth, Employment and Equity: The Impact of the Economic Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is complemented by four issue-specific volumes analysing investment, technological change, employment and equity. Data and research on labour markets, human capital, inequality, income inequality, social capital and knowledge based capital. been substantially higher than those of Chile – notably Brazil and Colombia.

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Second, external demand has weakened, especially in China and Latin America, more than.

Labour reforms in brazil and chile
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