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Security and Liberty in the US

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Liberty And Security Essay Sample

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American Civil Liberties Essay Words | 9 Pages. away civil liberties because it unnecessarily increases government power, gives a false state of security, and goes against the concepts of liberty on which the United States was founded.

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The statue of liberty can have many different definition to many different people. The statue of liberty symbolizes that people are welcome to america with freedom. /5(8). When the founding fathers created the government of the United States, they wanted the government not to be so constricting with its rule.

In other words, freedom, but freedom in its purest can be dangerous so they had to put some security. The right to Life, Liberty, and Security, is one of the most important citizen rights that you can have. With the right to life, it means that any individual has the right to live, and shouldn’t be killed by anyone.

American Civil Liberties Essay Words | 9 Pages. away civil liberties because it unnecessarily increases government power, gives a false state of security, and goes against the concepts of liberty on which the United States was founded.

Liberty and security essay
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