Lord of the flies piggy and simon comparison

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Compare Piggy and Simon as doomed heroes in

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Symbolism: Piggy's glasses and the conch are powerful symbols throughout the novel, which are depicted and discussed in chapter The conch symbolizes civil society, democracy, and order.

Apr 11,  · Best Answer: Ralph and Piggy are both able to see the negative side to Jack's rule. They both see the importance of the conch in keeping law and order, and the importance of getting rescued.

Also, they both experience remorse on killing Simon, showing that neither are the same level of Evil as Jack and jkaireland.com: Resolved.

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Compare and contrast piggy and simon. lord of the flies

In contrast to Piggy and Ralph's equating adulthood with knowledge and higher understanding, Simon sees the darker side of knowledge. For him, the staked sow's eyes are "dim with the infinite cynicism of adult life," a view of adults not defined by the civilized politeness and capability the boys imagine.

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Lord of the flies piggy and simon comparison
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