Lusch vargo and o brien

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Creating customer value in a service-dominant environment

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Service-dominant logic

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Industry transformation towards service logic: A ... - Semantic Scholar

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According to Lusch, Vargo and O’Brien (), the only true source of sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge. Section 2 gives an overview of the different value definitions and takes a closer look at the concepts of service-dominant logic and co-creation of value.

According to Lusch, Vargo and O’Brien (), value is subjective and it is the receiver that in the end decide whether an offer is valuable or not.

Therefore, both parties are part of the co-creation of value (Lusch, Vargo & O’Brien, ). Makkonen and. logic (Lusch, Vargo, & O’Brien, ).

Co-creation is not the same as the notion of customization (Prahalad & Ramaswamy, ). There is a difference in the degree of customer involvement when “co-creation” and “customization” are discussed. Generally, customers play less active roles in customization than in co-creation (Kristensson.

The Effects of Customer-Firm Interaction on Innovation and Performance in Service Firms The Effects of Customer-Firm Interaction on Innovation and Performance in Service Firms.

By Huffman, Tammy R.; Skaggs, Bruce C. Bierman, Shimizu, & Kochhar, ), and adopting a service dominant logic (Lusch, Vargo, & O'Brien, ). However.

Lusch vargo and o brien
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