Muscle tone and motor unit

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Muscle Tone

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Motor unit

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• To explore the relationship of motor units to muscle tone. Page 3. The Motor Unit • A motor unit is a motor neuron and all of the muscle cells (muscle fibers) it stimulates. When one neuron fires, all of the muscle cells which are. Motor units differ based on how quickly the motor unit develops muscle tension when stimulated (known as twitch time) and the resistance of the motor unit to fatigue.

Based on response characteristics, two main categories of motor units are commonly used. Motor unit summation or spatial summation is the recruitment of additional motor units within a muscle to develop more force.

Motor unit summation occurs until sufficient force is developed within. Muscle spindles are encapsulated units within the belly of a muscle that lie parallel to the muscle fibers, stretching when the muscle is stretched and shortening when the muscle contracts.

Thus they are uniquely situated to detect slight changes in muscle tone. Column C shows the response of a soleus motor unit similar in size to the small gastrocnemius motor unit in column B. Remember that most of the motor units in the gastrocnemius muscle have shorter contraction times than most of the soleus units.

Muscle tone and motor unit
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