Questionaire on recruitment and selection

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Questionnaire I. Recruitment & Selection 1. Potential Candidates in your Organization are generated through the following external recruitment sources: (tick and rank them based on the number and quality of candidates generated.

Also roughly specify the percentage mix of each of the following sources adopted) i) Direct applicants ii) Placement /5(5). Recruitment and selection process Recruitment is the process of having the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

It is crucial to organisational performance. Recruitment is a critical activity, not just for the HR team but also for line managers who are increasingly involved in the selection process. All those involved in recruitment activities should be equipped with the.

Example 1: Announce the new policy letter

Differentiate between recruitment and selection. - Recruitment aims at searching for the talent and promoting the candidates to apply for the position while selection is the process of screening the candidates to fill a position with the most suitable candidate.

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Hi there, Good luck with your application. I hope you make it all the way! I'm currently in the process of a PCO application; psych interview in a couple of days. Recruitment and Selection Questionnaire What is your degree program?

Question Title * 1. What is your degree program?

Questionnaire For MBA Recruitment Project

B.S. Applied Engineering & Technology Management A.T.

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Applied Engineering & Technology B.S. Occupational Safety & Environmental Health B.S. Technology Education.

Questionaire on recruitment and selection
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