Technical writing and communication skills pgs 502

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Fishery Economics and Statistics

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Agricultual Extension Education

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Residency Italics Neither states nor localities should have might restriction laws that apply to complicated classes of former stylistics. · PGS Intellectual Property and Its Management in Agriculture (0+1) e-course · AEC Agricultural Finance and Project Management (1+1) · PGS Technical Writing and Communication Skills (0+1).

5 PGS Technical writing and communication skill 1(0+1) 6 PGS Intellectual properties and its management 1(1+0) 7 HVE Human values and professional ethics 2(1+1). There is a great opportunity to students to improve their communication skills.

For this purpose, department of English develops students skills in both written and oral. The written communication, develop through Précis writing, Business Correspondence and Report writing.

PGS - Technical writing and Communication Skills in English. The inception of this department occurred in The total number of seats are 4 and so far 14 students have successfully completed their from this department.

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BASIC CONCEPTS IN LABORATORY TECHNIQUES: Consortium for Educational Communication; Latest @ BAU.

Technical writing and communication skills pgs 502
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